Sash and Case Window Repair in Edinburgh

Full sash and case restoration

Edinburgh windows and doors specialise in sash and case repair and restoration

We offer a full restoration package starting with Repairing, painting, and optional draught-proofing your existing sash windows will make them more energy efficient. This includes replacing any rotten timber, fully painting, repointing and draught-proofing if required. Edinburgh windows and doors are an industry leader when it comes to bringing your sash windows back to their former glory.

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Draught Proofing

Sash windows are an integral part of Edinburgh’s architectural heritage. There is no need however to live with draughty windows. Here’s how we can help.

Edinburgh windows and doors offer a full draught proofing service that will make sure your windows are ready for winter.

You may think that a DIY option will suffice when draught proofing windows. We have found that this is often not the case. As such we do not just stick draught strips down the side of your windows. The top and bottom sash are removed from the box, we then router out groves in the upper sash, lower sash and meeting rails ready to fit out brush draught strips.

The original parting beads are also removed and either routed in the same fashion or replaced with new parting beads with pre inserted draught strips. If required we will also replace the internal beads with draught alternatives to ensure there is no air leakage and your windows retain the heat while keeping cold draughts out.

Timber Sash and Case Repairs

Beautiful natural timber windows are a stunning look for your home. We offer a repair service to keep them that way.

Edinburgh windows and doors are here to cater to our customers needs. That is why as well as supplying and fitting new sash and case windows we also offer a repair service. Often customers are not looking to fully replace their original sash and case instead only repairs are required we offer the following services to cater to that need.

  • Full Window restoration
  • Draught proofing service
  • Interior and exterior paint refurbishment
  • Mastic and pointing
  • Rope and pulley repairs
  • Cill repairs or replacement

Our services Explained

Timber windows are exposed to all weathers year after year, sash timber windows take quite a beating. They can last for decades if you keep them clean and protect them with a weather – shield paint. But when water gets trapped in or against them, rot can take hold. A simple epoxy repair will do the trick if the rot is confined to a small area, but if more than 10 percent of the timber is rotten, this should be cut out and replaced.

We often find that there are at least one or two broken sash cords in the majority of Edinburgh properties that have these windows. It may not be as expensive as you would think to have these replaced. There are a number of reasons to have ropes repaired not only to get fresh air in the property but windows that cannot open smoothly are also a health and safety risk.

burnt sand and linseed oil mastic as this is the original method for pointing the outside facing of the sash window to the stonework. This method of sealing is the preferred option for listed buildings and conservation areas in Scotland for its original look


The old and loose mastic around the window where the cement meets the stonework is removed as is the backing that is behind it. This is replaced with trade quality expanding foam which helps to improve the insulation.


The expanding foam also provides a solid base for the new sand mastic to be fitted against it to form a long lasting, completely wind and water tight flexible joint between the outside masonry and the timber frame. we then hand apply the traditional sand mastic.

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We offer a wide range of windows and doors. Whether you have timber sash and case or upvc we can cater to your needs - contact us for a free quote

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